Our Mission and Core Values

Mediterranean Wine from the vineyards of Lebanon, served at ILILI Restaurant

Our Mission

We are dedicated to spreading the spirit of generosity by sharing the traditions,
culture and cuisine of the Eastern Mediterranean.


Integrity is at the heart of all decisions and interactions with each other and our guests.

Perseverance is what separates the best from everyone else!  No matter what path you choose, there will be challenges and it is how you overcome those challenges that makes all the difference.

Always Listening--although a daunting task, is the secret to great hospitality.  You can't serve your guest if you do not first understand what his or her needs and wants are.

Feedback’s Priceless is a mantra that runs deep within the veins of the restaurant.  One must be able to accept constructive criticism and use that feedback to fuel change, development and growth.

Strive for Excellence is the ultimate goal.  ilili Restaurant cherishes the uniqueness of each employee and the value he or she brings to providing our guests an unmatched hospitality of dazzling cuisine, a welcoming ambiance and memorable moments.